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Yes that is me! I look exceptionally young don't I.......  to be fair that picture is a few years old........ Anyway enough of that, what would you like to know?


Let me give you some information about me and the clubs and if there's anything more you would like to know just head back to the home page and drop me a message....

My name is Ty O'Donnell, I am a 2nd Degree Black-belt in Taekwondo and have been training in the martial art since the age of 11. I became

a 1st degree Black-belt at the age of 15. I have focused since then on achieving my  2nd Degree Black-Belt and also gaining my instructors qualifications which I did in 2017. Since becoming a fully qualified instructor I have worked alongside two 5th Degree Instructors, Mr Scott Mcmillan (Phoenix Taekwondo) & Mr Stephen Dooley (Glasgow South Taekwondo) serving an apprenticeship of sorts with two very experienced martial artists.

So what separates me from other instructors of taekwondo around the area? ………. Well I cant say I am better, I cant say I am more qualified or have more experience but that's not because I doubt my ability or knowledge, its because some federations don't tell you much about the Instructor until you turn up to train. You choose a location on a polished web page not the instructor. So that's what separates me from the others...…. I am Ty my face is the one you will see in class, on here and on social media. So come along and give it a try in either Ardrossan or largs.... you wont regret it!  


Our Clubs

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Our club values are based on the five tenets of Taekwondo:


  • Courtesy- The showing of politeness in our attitude and behaviour towards others.

  • Integrity- The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

  • Perseverance- Achieving success despite personal or struggles or challenges  

  • Indomitable Spirit- An unconquerable spirit that cannot be subdued or overcome

  • Self Control- The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s  emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations

Over and above the tenets we will teach Taekwondo based on the strong syllabus of the TAGB taught by a BTC registered instructor. The syllabus is employed across the UK and students are graded by examiners external to the club to ensure that there is a consistent standard across all TAGB clubs.

Check out our social media for up to date info:

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